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The Market has crashed!  Whatever shall we do!

Scenario:  You were in the middle of a real estate deal and The Dow Jones just dropped one JILLION dollars!  But you know that this is just a blip and not a bigger issue.  So how do you get you, your client or your partners to keep moving ahead with the real estate transaction?


You do it by understanding the upside of a short term downward plunge.  You can give them the standard “this is only temporary” speech but that’s never the best conversation to have.  Let’s actually give them something.  That something is the loan’s interest rate.  If you and your partners/clients are getting a loan then LOCK THAT RATE!  Here’s why.


When the Market goes down, typically interest rates go down with it.  So if you lock in right when havoc has hit the market you could be a good half point lower or more on your interest rate.  And that’s a big deal!