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Who is ready to talk about Real estate reviews?

I know I am. It’s the end of summer but Phoenix is still hot and what’s keeping the temperature up are the smoking new reviews my company has been getting.

But how should I use these reviews? How do I maximize a review’s potential?

Well the two main things to think about when posting reviews online are reach and relevancy.


Will people see it?
Will the right people see it?

To answer this depends largely on what market you are trying to tap, how many reviews you can manifest, and how quickly you want some results.

So here are the top three spots I’d consider for reviews and what they’re good for!

Zillow (and the like) While agents don’t like Zillow for a plethora of reasons, you can’t deny there’s some real marketing power in these sites. These sites definitely reach a wide audience for single family, but it’s tough to shine as a new guy seeing as there are sooo many agents with hundreds of reviews on there, ranging from sales to property management.

Google Reviews: A great way to get noticed if you’re tech savvy and patient. You’ll want your own site or to tag onto another company who is willing to do the mountain of SEO work needed to be relevant on Google search and local. This is a long term play if you’re starting without a seasoned site, but you likely won’t need hundreds of reviews to get to the top, but dozens are suggested.

Yelp: So Yelp can be great, but only if you’re in the right circles. You don’t need a lot of reviews to get known on Yelp because Yelp only pushes reviews from seasoned users. This means many of the big agents who have been around forever don’t have lots of reviews on here because not just any of their clients can post a public review. Also, people under 40 tend to have a Yelp account, but still not many. So if you’re getting clients who Yelp. Definitely get a review from them as while many people aren’t seasoned in Yelp world, they still look to it for reviews!