Property Manager Positions and Beyond

Property Manager

Become a real property manager. Yes, real. Here you will be leasing, managing, overseeing maintenance of a portfolio that is about 1/3 the size of our competitors and are usually within a 30 minute drive of your home.

This way you can actually manage being a property manager.

Maintenance Dept.

If you’re experienced and handy then we’ve got a job for you. We provide quality jobs and consistent work with  competitive wages. With our high tech software and hardware you’ll be more organized than ever so that you can do the most with as little ‘junk’ as possible.

Admin + Accounting

We do all of our admin and accounting in-house. So no more having to deal with third parties in key areas so that you can get anything done. With centralized operations and a seasoned staff we can get you up and running with all of our nuanced procedures in no time.