Investment Property In Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert was named the fifth-best real estate market in the country in an Aug. 25 2020 WalletHub ranking. The ranking was based largely on market strength, measured by average time to sale, median home price appreciation and foreclosure rates, among other factors. It also considered “affordability and economic environment” factors such as unemployment and health care infrastructure.

Your Property Rented:

Higher Occupancy through our High Visibility Leasing Programs

Many properties rent within 21 days

5-Stage Tenant screening 

Less Maintenance Headaches

Quickly get Rent-Ready with Our In-House Maintenance Teams

We’re on Call 24/7 for both Owners & Tenants

Reduce Your Risk:

We distance you from Hostile Tenants

Take Steps to Reduce Property damage

Oversee Municipal & Tax Compliance 

Get Professional Property Management in Phoenix with 3 simple steps.

Get Professional Property Management in Phoenix

Fill-In Management Inquiry Form


Gives us a call at


We Discuss Your Property

Go Over Our Services + Fees

Put Together a Rental Analysis

Assign the Right Property Manager

We Meet You at The Property

Assess Your Property

Go Over Management Plan – line by line

Begin On-Boarding Your Property

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There’s a lot to our Property Management Services…


○ Signage

○ Online Advertising

○ Realtor Communication

○ Showings

Tenant Screening

○ Credit Check

○ Criminal History Check

○ Eviction Check

○ Rental History

○ Employment and Income History

Professional Leasing

○ Customized Lease Contract

○ Lease Documentation

○ Sending Notice Included when Needed

○ Late Rent Collection

○ Security Deposit Held in Trust Account

Online Owner Portal

○ View Work Order and Invoices

○ View Owner Statements

○ View lease + Management Documents

○ Showings

Regulation Compliance

○ Federal Fair Housing Regulations

○ American with Disabilities

○ AZ Landlord Tenant Act

○ Lead Paint Regulations

○ Licensed Contractor Laws

Routine Maintenance

○ Maintenance Requests

○ Emergency Calls 24/7

○ Landscaping

○ Seasonal HVAC

○ Pool

Coordinate Authorized 

Maintenance Services

○ Insurance Claims

○ Storm Drainage

○ Home Warranty

Occupancy Inspection

○ Annual

○ Semi-Annual

○ Upon Request


○ No Company Fee Charged

○ All Proper Notices Given

○ We Handle Completely

Rental Law Compliance

○ Local

○ State

○ Federal


○ Monthly/Year end Statement

○ Pay Mortgage

○ Pay Utilities

○ Pay HOA

○ Pay Other

Major Rehabs

○ Property Repositioning

○ Rehab Planning / Bids

○ Scale Discounts Possible


How do I know how much my property will rent for?

We’re happy to do a rental analysis for you to gauge how much your Phoenix property is worth before moving forward with our property management services. That said, not every rental analysis is created equal. What we do different from other property management companies is we mix comparable properties that are renting in your area AND we combine that with the condition of your property AND what it could be worth if the property gets a healthy rehab and updating (if needed). Lastly, we only have licensed agents price your property. That way you know a licensed professional is giving you a quality rental analysis.


Should I Sell my Property or Rent it Out?

That’s always a big question isn’t it? What we can do to help you answer this is we will put together an analysis on both the rental and sales value of the property. We’re able to do both because we’re not just one of the top ranked property management companies in AZ. We also have sales brokers who have ranked top 10 most productive agents in Phoenix. So we’re more than happy and capable to give you a full view of your options before you commit to either renting or selling your investment property.


How Would We Lease Your Property?

We only have licensed property managers lease-out your property. We don’t have specialized leasing agents because the property manager is working with you and your tenant for years to come. So it’s essential to get that relationship started as quickly as possible and on the right foot. This relationship has become especially key ever since Covid-19. Due to our better relationships with tenants we are collecting closer to 98-99% of rents, far higher than market average.