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Hello everyone I am Bob.  In this real estate video we will go over how to actually think about becoming a real estate agent.  


There are many ways to become an agent.  Many people think about becoming some form of employee instead of what you actually are doing, whiich is starting a small business.  You will be doing things like building a clientele, learning the market, and providing a superior service than the competition.  To me that sounds like a business!  Not an employee!


A big thing is what successful agents do is understand this basic mentatily.  You must also behave in this way.  You will start off with making 0 income  but your expenses will never go to zero.  So you should start off with at least a 6 month to a year budget for not only your living but also your business in Phoenix.


You want a budget for your marketing, and your other expenses.  You likely won’t become a millionaire overnight, that great on TV but it’s not the norm for property management.  You are going to need lots of materials in Phoenix, and you need to budget for them.


Another thing you need to look into is being selective about your brokerage..  A lot of people just look at commission splits or referrals.  This is good but remember you are the new guy, so you won’t be getting too many referrals and worrying too much about your split in the beginning is not the best move.  This is true because 90 percent of nothing is still nothing.


The main thing you want to consider with a new brokerage is if they will actually train you.  You are new, you need skills.


So you are a small business, you need to budget, and you need a brokerage that will help you learn.


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