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Cat Picks Stocks
Creating an ETF by having my cat pick value based stocks has been interesting to say the least. But hey, making money online in 2020 is a strange time.

I recreated the famous Chimpanzee stock broker experiment from the book “A Random Walk Down Wall street,” where a monkey throwing a dart at a list of stocks actually beat the best stock brokers in the world…even the Webull and crazy Robinhood traders.

All fun aside it’s been great making this video in collaboration with Human Rescue Alliance. A shelter that houses animals, including our host Kali the cat. Please consider donating to them today and Kali the cat will match her stock broker earnings at the end of the year…so long as she doesn’t lose her tie trying:

Donate Here:

Lastly: Don’t try this at home. It’s ridiculous and for educational purposes only. I’m not a professional in the stock market and this is not professional advice. Less than 1% of my stock portfolio is dedicated to this experiment. So just keep that in mind before considering having your pet decide your financial future.