New Agents

Are you new or aspiring to join the real estate world? If so then we highly recommend watching Bob Collopy’s how-to videos that teach the practical, political, and even metaphysical nature of real estate.

Practical Focus: These videos have a major focus on helping you find quality leads for single family and smaller multifamily sales. Once you start getting a few leads we also go into how we believe you should conduct yourself during a deal.

Political Focus: The politics greatly focus on actually pointing out the good and bad mentalities you find in real estate. This is a very important aspect in real estate and can affect not only yourself, but also your clients.

Metaphysical Focus: Have you read Death of a Salesman? Real Estate is hard okay. If you’re going to join in real estate, you’d better have a great reason that you can be passionate about. If not, maybe do something else; you’re wasting your time.