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Hundreds of Homes for Lease in Phoenix

See our list of exclusive rental listings in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, and everywhere else in Arizona below.

Fort Lowell's Streamlined Move-in Process:

We make it simple, fast, and you can speak to the actual manager of the property on day one.

1. Find Your Next Home

Use the map, use the filters, click on listings, view their details, and click “apply now” when you’ve found the right place.

2. Apply to The Property

The property info will already be filled in by following step 1. Then make sure to add anyone who is 18 years old and over for the back ground check. (Be sure to note anyone below 18 as well).

3. Choose a Move-in Date

During the application stage you can add your preferred move-in date.At any stage you can contact the property manager to help firm up this date.

4. Speak to The Property Manager Directly

You can speak to the property manager directly at any point to learn more about the property and our policies. We do suggest applying to the property immediately because we run on a first come, first serve basis for rentals and qualified applicants.

Click "Show Map" on the top right of the map to see it all!

How do I apply for a property?

Simply click on one of the properties above and click “Apply now” on the right side of the page. This way we know which property you are applying for and our program will auto fill the property information for you!

Who do I talk to about leasing a rental?

Click on “View Details” of a property you are interested in leasing out. On the bottom right of the next page under “contact us” is the phone number of the property manager who you would be working with while living at the property!

When can I move into my rental property?

With our personalized process between you and your property manager you two can work out a move-in date that works best!

How much is the application fee?

We charge $45 per applicant. Anyone 18+ must be included for this charge.

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