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AZ’s Water Drought Plan

AZ’s Water Drought Plan

How Water Scarcity is affecting the housing Market Across the Southwest. Housing developments are being halted due to the scarcity of water across the southwestern region. This situation is affecting various locations, from major cities like Phoenix Arizona and Las...

How to Flip a House with No Money

How to Flip a House with No Money

 Flipping A House With No Money Flipping houses can be tough, especially if you don't have any money and you're a total beginner.  But lets say you've found a great home, duplex, fourplex, etc and you want it to flip it.   The first step is you're going to need...

Calculating Cap Rate P.2

Alright, so to the calculation. There's a few main variables I'm going to focus on here in Phoenix: Vacancy: By vacancy I don't mean actual. I mean effective vacancy. I'm talking effective vacancy because that's the average vacancy you can expect over a year. SO even...

The Concept Of Cap Rate

  Cap rate is an incredible little calculation that is used by anybody who's anybody in real estate. In Phoenix Arizona we use this a lot. We focus on property management in Phoenix, but we still have to use this calculation in order to help our clients budget...

Leveraging Reviews

Who is ready to talk about Real estate reviews? I know I am. It's the end of summer but Phoenix is still hot and what's keeping the temperature up are the smoking new reviews my company has been getting. But how should I use these reviews? How do I maximize a review's...

Market Updates

Q3 2023 FLR Quarterly

Q3 2023 FLR Quarterly

Phoenix and Tucson Rental Market Conditions - Q3 2023 Lots going on in the world and so, as always, real estate is responding in kind and so must we. Overall, while the market is still healthy, it is important to realize the updrafts from the market are coming to a...

Housing Market Holds Steady

Housing Market Holds Steady: Why It Hasn't Collapsed. It seemed the real estate market would tank along with the stock market. However, the fundamentals of the real estate market are far more solid than they were in 2008. Here's the key fundamentals that have kept...

Management Focused

Rental Assistance Program Step By Step

Rental Property Rent Assistance   We are going to talk about how you can easily avoid eviction even if you’re unemployed due to the Crisis. Here at Fort Lowell Realty we’ve directly helped many of our tenants prevent eviction by zeroing out their debts to the...

Tips on How To Lease A Property

Tips on How To Lease A Property

Tips on How To Lease A Property   Knowing how to lease your home or investment property is essential to getting that cap rate you (should've) calculated when buying the property. In this video I go over the main stages you need to go through in order to attract...

Out of The Box

Cool Business Models

How Different Real Estate Business Models Work Buy and Lease Back Agreement Say you own and operate a company in a building that you also own. YOu sell the building to an investor and become the tenant. This makes you a lot of cash and give the buyer of the property...

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