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Participation Trophies in Millennial Real Estate

Being a millennial in real estate can be tough. But you don’t have to collect a million participation trophies to make it as an agent in Phoenix, Arizona or anywhere else really. What matters most is actually making deals and then showing off the great things you...

Calculating Cap Rate P.2

Alright, so to the calculation. There's a few main variables I'm going to focus on here in Phoenix: Vacancy: By vacancy I don't mean actual. I mean effective vacancy. I'm talking effective vacancy because that's the average vacancy you can expect over a year. SO even...

The Concept Of Cap Rate

  Cap rate is an incredible little calculation that is used by anybody who's anybody in real estate. In Phoenix Arizona we use this a lot. We focus on property management in Phoenix, but we still have to use this calculation in order to help our clients budget...

3 More Things Every Agent Should Know

This is part 2 of everything a new agent needs to know! This segment focuses on more macro things every new and young agent needs to begin wrapping their mind around as they make their push into the real estate world. So lets begin: Study the big wigs. You probably...

3 things all new agents need to know

So there's a lot you new guys need to think about. Here are three main things that will effect all of you: Energy Confidence Depth of Knowledge Energy: You need it. It's what moves you. But how do you make it? You make it from within. I'm talking about passion guys....

Leveraging Reviews

Who is ready to talk about Real estate reviews? I know I am. It's the end of summer but Phoenix is still hot and what's keeping the temperature up are the smoking new reviews my company has been getting. But how should I use these reviews? How do I maximize a review's...

Survival of The Fittest

  Hello Everyone this is Bob and today we're going to be getting into who will and who will not make it in real estate! So if you're new to the real estate game here in Phoenix or anywhere really then allow me to give you a heads up to make sure you're joining...

Part Time or Full Time Agent?

This is Broker Bob, your captain and commander of Real Estate, here to help guide you amongst the perils that is starting out in real estate. I run a sales, rehab, and property management company in Phoenix Arizona. So lets get to it. Are you going to go part time in...

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