This sales page highlights specific areas of Phoenix Arizona that we believe are great locations for real estate investments.

You will notice that we have highlighted single family homes sales and multifamily properties for sale.

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Central Phoenix is a unique place. You’ll be pressed to find another part of Phoenix with so much culture, good food, and a city vibe. With the combination of big city living plus historic homes, this is an area worthy of your investment consideration.

Central Summary


Single Family Home Flipping




There’s more than just million dollar mansions around here. This may surprise you, but there’s actually tons of great little apartment complexes around here as well as homes that are prime for flipping. Value-add projects can go a long way in this area.

Biltmore Summary

Single Family Flip

Multifamily Properties


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The real mayor of Tempe is Michael Crow, the President of Arizona State University (ASU). ASU is the largest and fastest growing university campus in the United States. Aside from the sheer mass of students enrolled here, many students have sizable expendable incomes.

Tempe Summary

Single Family Holds

Multifamily Guts and Holds






North Mountain

Haven’t heard of it?  Neither has a lot of investors.  That’s why this spot is a personal favorite.  This is a great spot for multifamily rehabs.  This area is home to mostly middle income families.  Many investors ignore this area entirely, but there is a sweet spot that hugs the mountain.  Nowhere else in Phoenix will you get back drops like this at this price.


North Mountain Summary

Mutlifamily Opportunities


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Old Town Scottsdale

Odds are, you’ve heard of this place.  Think of Scottsdale as a brand.  Not only is the product itself great, but the effects it see’s in the market are greatly magnified due to the “glory” that is the Scottsdale zip code.  It’s seen as THE spot for luxury and entertainment in Arizona.   You’ll find a lot of recent grads, young professionals, and middle aged professionals around here.  Nearly all of them pursuing a good time in an area almost devoid of rough spots.

Old Town Scottsdale Summary

Single Family Flips



Downtown Glendale

A lot of investors don’t venture out of the east valley, but this spot is worth the trip.  This is quite the spot.  This place captures the glory of middle America by creating a true 1950’s atmosphere.  This is a hidden gem with far less competition than the east side, and some savvy investors are cleaning up.

Downtown Glendale Summary

Single Family Flips

Multifamily Investments


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Downtown Mesa

This spot is going up.  With three growing colleges encircling this area (not including ASU), there is certainly increasing demand.  And Mesa is playing its cards right.  It is really ramping up its appearance and has finished installing the light-rail system right down the middle of its downtown.

Downtown Mesa Summary

Mesa Multifamily



West Mesa

This is a great spot for small apartment complexes and lot assembly for new multifamily.  This area is between a developing Mesa Downtown and the exploding tech market happening in the east Valley.  A perfect spot for, well-to-do, middle income tenants that’s still very close to work and entertainment.

West Mesa Summary

West Mesa Multifamily

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Downtown Phoenix

If you haven’t noticed, downtown’s are becoming popular again, and this is THE downtown of all of Phoenix.  This is the only real area you will see skyscrapers.  This place has a great balance of history, financial jobs, mass transit, and funky culture.

Phoenix Summary

Single Family Flips Phoenix

Phoenix Multifamily