Property Management Scottsdale 

Lease your rental property in AZ quickly with quality tenants, without wrecking your home.



Scottsdale Property Management requires the best.


How does one:
Acquire Excellent tenants
Collect Monthly Rents
Prepare the Property for Lease
Retain Property’s Good Standing with local Municipalities
Maneuver the Eviction Process
Maintain Organized Files
and find the time for all this?


It’s simple. We handle all this for you!

Operating since 1981 our family owned and operated company retains a 4.9/5 in the valley of the Sun. Our managers oversee 1/3 as many properties as our competitors. Meaning they actually know you, your property and your tenants.

We couple generations of experience with the newest technology on the market. We make property management in Scottsdale AZ easy even if you’re on the other side of the city or world with our online reporting systems that are updated multiple times a month with our in-house accounting and maintenance teams.


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Owner Portal

Renting Your Property:

Your Property Manager is Your Leasing Agent, meaning they are more invested in your rental!

We market on all the main rental sites along with our own, which has thousands of views monthly.

5-Stage screening for Tenants plus advanced and unique options available for this critical stage (call for more).

Tenant Portal

Handling Maintenance

Getting rent-ready with Our in-house maintenance teams makes it easier and ensures a professional touch.

On Call 24/7 for both Owners & Tenants for emergency situations.

Reducing Risk

Sometimes tenants get hostile. We handle that.

Record and oversee property status to ensure property damage is properly recorded and handled.

Oversee Tax & Municipal Compliance.

Work with one of the Best Scottsdale Property Management Companies.

Get Professional Property Management in Phoenix

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Give us a call:


We Talk about Your Rental Goals

Discuss Our Services + Costs

Create a Rental Analysis

Assign a Local Property Manager

On-Site Introductions

Assess Your Property’s situation and rental potential

Discuss Your custom Management Plan

Begin the on-Boarding process


○ Signage

○ Online Advertising

○ Realtor Communication

○ Showings



Tenant Screening

○ Credit Check

○ Criminal History Check

○ Eviction Check

○ Rental History

○ Employment and Income History



Professional Leasing

○ Customized Lease Contract

○ Lease Documentation

○ Sending Notice Included when Needed

○ Late Rent Collection

○ Security Deposit Held in Trust Account



Online Owner Portal

○ View Work Order and Invoices

○ View Owner Statements

○ View lease + Management Documents

○ Showings



Regulation Compliance

○ Federal Fair Housing Regulations

○ American with Disabilities

○ AZ Landlord Tenant Act

○ Lead Paint Regulations

○ Licensed Contractor Laws



Routine Maintenance

○ Maintenance Requests

○ Emergency Calls 24/7

○ Landscaping

○ Seasonal HVAC

○ Pool

Coordinate Authorized 

Maintenance Services

○ Insurance Claims

○ Storm Drainage

○ Home Warranty



Occupancy Inspection

○ Annual

○ Semi-Annual

○ Upon Request




○ No Company Fee Charged

○ All Proper Notices Given

○ We Handle Completely



Rental Law Compliance

○ Local

○ State

○ Federal




○ Monthly/Year end Statement

○ Pay Mortgage

○ Pay Utilities

○ Pay HOA

○ Pay Other



Major Rehabs

○ Property Repositioning

○ Rehab Planning / Bids

○ Scale Discounts Possible



How much will your rental property lease for?

A lot goes into make a rental analysis to determine the maximum your rental property could make. That said, not every rental analysis is created equal. What we do different from other Scottsdale property management companies is we combine comparable rental properties tin your area AND we factor in the condition of your property both currently AND what it could be worth if the property undergoes a healthy rehab and updating (sometimes it makes sense to rehab. Othertimes it does not). Lastly, we exclusively utilize only licensed agents to price your rental property.


Should you Rent it or List it?

What a tough question…Lets help you break that big question down. We will make an analysis on both the rental and sales value of your property. We’re able to do both because we’re not just one of the top ranked property management companies in AZ. Bob (that guy in the videos) is sales broker who has ranked top 10 most productive agents for sales value and volume in the city. Whatever path you choose, we will be there for you!


Leasing Your Property – How We do it.

Licensed property managers only! No leasing agents, ever. That may sound strange, but look at it this way. The property manager is working with you and your tenant for years to come. Therefore it is essential to begin that relationship immediately and on the right foot. Building this relationship proved key ever since Covid-19. Due to our healthier, and dare say “human,” relationships with tenants we were collecting closer to 98-99% of rents even when times were at their toughest, far higher than market average.