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ASU campus is lives like its own city. ASU truly is a metropolis with over 40,000 students on Tempe campus alone. It’s so large that it has its own police force, and I’m not talking golf cart security.

To the west side of campus there is a number of nice communities with unique homes. It is common to find empty nesters, some families, and students who often identify themselves as “hipsters.”

To the east side of ASU campus you will find mostly renters in high density apartment complexes. You may also experience a rougher vibe with all the C grade property that still exists. This is why this side of campus has seen the most high density development, it has lower price point properties with large lots. For college students, it is common to find foreign exchange students as well as the bulk of ASU’s Greek life in this area.

To the south of ASU is single family homes. These homes are generally average. It is not uncommon to find families or  college students living together in one home. The students currently pay about $1400-1600 per home each and are usually upperclassmen. 

Just north of campus is a lot of newer multifamily properties. These areas do house college students, but are more likely to contain single professionals.

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