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This is and will continue to be a great place for middle income people who want a quieter neighborhood that’s close to work and has activities nearby.


This area is in between three growing markets, downtown Mesa, Arizona State University, and Old Town Scottsdale.  You combine that with a great highway system and a newer light-rail system and you’ve got a lot of potential for multifamily residential.

With this middle area being supported by so many strong neighboring markets, this really is a great spot to locate and develop income-producing property for a lower acquisition cost.

What will Likely Happen Next:

This area will likely become a little nicer due to how many smaller apartment complexes I believe will be replacing some of the older homes and small plex-style communities due to the increase in jobs from the neighboring colleges and the growing downtowns. Rents should go up slightly due to newer and updated structures and because of neighboring markets increasing their rents.