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We go over some of the different brokerages out there and the pros and cons for each.

hello everyone I am Bob. In this video series we will see the pros and cons over different kinds of brokerages. Let’s start with the traditional order to listen traditional ones and commissions so the traditional route so
that means the appropriate to take 25% commission you may and this is the way
that go on for a long time and basically what happens you go out there you find
your own bees for the most part and you do your own party but you have a
question if you don’t understand something you should have brought their
questions and help you how this is really good way to go
your movie because you have to go out there and get leaks great because you
get a bigger slipped and this other guy which is this is this is this is a
growing trend it’s more of the fifty 50 brokerage commissions slip and the
reason why is because they are basically most of your market is already more
specialized urged the first 11 make sure this was like alright guys gonna call
call these guys this these guys were you know what everyone does so because the
guys in there but I’m calling on phone calling people to find a list and if
they do that they give you the lead the plan to go out there closed but they
really short you listen and they they made it through don’t really have to pay
for all that partying all that time so there is frozen constitutes a special
one thing and doing one thing all day ok if you like 12
was more and you don’t mind a more regular schedule which typically goes
with a meeting that they really want to or and they really like you to be your
new and they want you to our reporter but it’s got to be there things like
this with the more traditional route you really do so from the third version is
this other things are you pay $150 and you get to hang your license and the
probe it is it doing because you don’t need all your questions you are
basically doing all over anyway and if you really are company yourself and it’s
actually a pretty good off so the big high it is if you run into something if
you’re doing well
earmarking program works meeting like 200 a year that’s 25% from the
traditional fifty grand but I personally suggest that the new age and then there
is the lab mix on her property may just come to us or at least very active
people call this so for the most part the traditional property management method 7525 fleet you
must marking help you out and then because we have natural things come up
they want to be sold properties wanna be sold in Phoenix play ship we will refer to some
of the day manager this
so that’s nice because you can go out there and do your own thing and
sometimes on getting some release which is always nice so I hope you like it and
if you want more information please contact me happy to answer questions and
you really appreciate it you like to thank you