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Hello everyone! I am Bob!

In this real estate video, we’re going to be going over whether or not you are the lone wolf – Individual – in real estate or if you are the Team player in real estate.  


You see, there is a big, big difference between the two structures in real estate that tend to do well, and discovering whether or not you are one or the other quickly is a really good idea.


Because, here’s the thing, real estate is very much more like a lifestyle than a normal nine-to-five job because, as I have said in other videos, you’re not an employee.


This is a small business that you are starting one way – individually – or with a team. It’s a small business.  Small businesses typically aren’t nine-to five.  The work doesn’t stop.  You have to work it into your life schedule far more than you might have to with a more salaried job.


So, you have to go out there and basically discover yourself again – just like you did in college.


So, let’s go over the main ideas.   The Individual type of agent’s basic character trait is they like doing everything.  They’re the do-it-yourselfer in all cases, at all times.  They are completely willing, happy and able to do the marketing, to talk to sellers, to talk to buyers, to handle their own transactions.  They are more willing to balance their own budgets, they are more willing to self brand, to network.  Basically everything that you would have to do.  And that requires a very specific kind of person and some people will flourish in this situation, but for others, it will just be too much.  


For the Team person in the Team group, you need to understand that you are doing something more compartmentalized. You are not handling all of the steps. You are usually handling one part of the whole or maybe two parts, etc., but that’s the point of the team.  It can be really nice because you can become proficient at one or more of these steps because you can focus on it.  And so having that focus can be important for the person who likes to concentrate on fewer things whereas thinking about and solving multiple issues is perhaps better for the Individual style of agent.  


Another pro of the Team approach is that the commissions are usually shared to some extent.  So if you are really afraid of a lack of consistent income or you are wanting to test the waters, that would be the pro of the Team approach. You have to consider these things.  


If you go the Team approach over the Individual, there’s a slightly higher risk of failure on the Individual’s side but also you are getting a bigger chunk of your commission. So, you know, it’s the risk/rewards sort of deal.  


That’s the basics that you really need to be looking at in real estate as to whether you are the Individual or you are the Team player.  One is not necessarily better than the other, but there is a huge difference as to whether or not it will be better or worse for you. So, I hope you figure that one out quickly.


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